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LIVE, interactive classes for kids taught by award-winning artists.


Arree Chung first launched Creativity Classes in order to assist parents and children who needed a healthy and productive diversion during the shut-down of schools and businesses in response to Covid19. As our online community came together to create stories and art, we began to see unexpected and lasting effects. Adults and kids alike worked to create a supportive and inspiring group. Kids found outlets for anxieties, energy, communication, and boredom. Adults found quiet time, peace of mind, engaged children, and new friends.

As the length of the shutdowns increased, parents and kids alike asked for the classes to continue. We have since welcomed many more people into our community but the comradery and inspiration remain the same. Now we offer Creativity School courses in drawing, painting, collaging, and other foundational art classes.

It’s our dream to provide affordable, LIVE art classes for children everywhere. We hope to continue to grow as a school and be able to offer a greater variety of classes in the future. We hope you will join us in raising the next generation of creative thinkers and innovators!